Burn Injury Awareness Walk & Picnic

* celebrate recovery * honor a loved one * support the prevention of burn injuries *

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Burns are difficult and challenging injuries, as they often have a life-long impact. The suffering caused by burns is made even more tragic by the fact that they are preventable. The Burn Injury Awareness Walk will bring together burn survivors and their families, first responders, safety and medical professionals, and community members to walk for burn injury awareness, public education, and prevention. A Safety Education Fair and picnic will immediately follow the walk and offer fun for all ages. 

Date: September 20, 2020

Time: 11 AM CHECK-IN

12 noon welcome & walk; picnic & activities immediately following 

Place: Gallup Park, Fast Shelter

Adults= $8

Children 12 and younger= $5

The Trauma Burn Center financially subsidizes this event to offer reduced-cost registration.  Are you interested in donating a gift to help us continue providing this community event? https://leadersandbest.umich.edu/find/#!/give/basket/fund/319953

Gallup Park Canoe Livery Information 

We would love to have your group out paddling boats at Gallup Park! ~Cheryl, Recreation Supervisor

We have an ADA dock, wheelchair transfer station in to a boat with a ramp to the water, and foam pieces to help stabilize individuals in the boats. We have 3 seat paddle boats. 2 seat canoes (one can sit in the middle of the floor of the boat), 5 seat rowboats, 2 seat kayaks and 1 seat kayaks. The livery supervisors would work with each individual on what type of boat would best fit their needs and livery staff would be on the docks assisting individuals in and out of the boats. We have almost 600 boats so we will have plenty of choices for your group. 

Paddle boats are $12/hour

Double kayaks and canoes are $20/2-hours

Single kayaks are $14/2-hours

Contact information

University of Michigan Trauma Burn Center
Burn Injury Awareness Weekend
Primary Event Contact: Kristy Brown
Phone: 734-232-3814
Email: kribro@med.umich.edu
Trauma Burn Center website: www.traumaburn.org